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Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Prevents Fires

Fire prevention is an important topic that everyone should be aware of. This could happen anytime; hence everyone should know how to prevent it from happening and what to do in case of a sudden fire. It can get tricky at times to prevent such hazards, as many things could lead to fire damage. In order to prevent a fire in your restaurant or cafeteria, there are a few measures you have to carry out, like regularly scheduling professional kitchen exhaust hood cleaning.

Kitchens usually catch fire due to unmaintained cooking equipment. Around 61% of fires occur from cooking equipment in the kitchen and eating areas. As this is likely to happen, you must know how and what to do to reduce the risk. Continue reading this article further down for some tips.

Keep Your Facility Fire Safe

Bare Metal Standard of East Texas has the experience in kitchen hood cleaning for over 50 years and ensure 95% of your kitchen exhaust system is cleaned to bare metal. We remove all grease buildup that naturally accumulates inside of the kitchen exhaust system. Bare Metal Standard’s proprietary service technology enables our technicians to keep your facility fire safe while also keeping your kitchen clean.

You benefit the most with a kitchen that passes inspections and you minimize the chances of a fire in your facility. Regular kitchen exhaust cleaning means fewer chances of grease stains. This eventually helps your kitchen exhaust function at the highest efficiency allowing proper airflow through the exhaust, keeping your kitchen safe.

Know about Fire Codes

You should know about the fire codes enforced by the National Fire Protection Association (NPFA). The NFPA developed safety codes to prevent fires in a commercial kitchen. These fire codes are enforced by inspectors in Dallas. Don’t get caught in violation and end of having to close your doors.


Bare Metal Standard has a team of well-trained employees who service kitchen hoods according to specific needs and structure. We train all our employees on how to identify the problems and service each kitchen exhaust. This way, you won’t have any issues and achieve a stress-free kitchen exhaust cleaning experience.


Looking at how important it is to maintain and acquire kitchen exhaust cleaning services, you must regularly get yours checked. Hence, contact Bare Metal Standard for the best fire prevention services in Dallas, TX.


Photo by Esther Lin on Unsplash