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Dallas-Fort Worth Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning.

A Complete Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service.

BARE METAL STANDARD of East Texas ensures a complete kitchen exhaust cleaning service: Our BARE METAL STANDARD cleaning process removes grease (a potential fire hazard) from the most hard-to-reach areas in your ductwork and exhaust system, and we can prove it with our photos that we take once the job is done. Our goal is for restaurants, cafeterias and all commercial kitchens in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area to pass their safety inspections with flying colors. In other words, our business is based on your 100% satisfaction.

No Area Is Inaccessible.

We handpick and individually train each employee, and we make sure that our technicians are nothing short of professional and hardworking. Our propriety system is the only one that guarantees full inspection and cleaning all of difficult areas. With our technology, there are no inaccessible areas within your kitchen exhaust system and ductwork. Because of this, we guarantee what competitors can’t provide: better, safer and complete kitchen exhaust cleaning services.

We’ll Prove It To You With Our Cameras.

Once we’ve finished the job, we’ll string a camera through your entire system and show you the results. This allows you to have peace of mind knowing that we refused to cut corners and gave you a complete kitchen exhaust cleaning experience. Indeed, we only have one standard: The BARE METAL STANDARD.

We Offer FREE Inspections.

Be wary of other kitchen exhaust cleaning providers that guarantee what they can’t provide – BARE METAL STANDARD is the only service that ensures a complete cleaning. With us, you don’t have to think twice whether or not your kitchen is safe or if it will pass inspection. We’re also proud to provide FREE KITCHEN EXHAUST INSPECTIONS – Call us today! We are here to help your Dallas-Fort Worth kitchen stay safe and clean.