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Dallas-Fort Worth Ventahood Cleaning Services

We Focus On The ENTIRE Kitchen.Albert 3

At BARE METAL STANDARD of East Texas, we know that many other competitors guarantee “hood cleaning” services and merely shine them. Although this may help make your kitchen look clean, we know that it’s what’s inside the hood that matters when it comes to fire safety and inspections. This is why our BARE METAL STANDARD Hood Cleaning Services guarantee a full hood cleaning – inside and out! We’ll clean:

  • All hoods and vents
  • All connecting ductwork – both horizontal and vertical
  • All exhaust fans

Our BARE METAL STANDARD Hood Cleaning Services.

Hood cleaning services are often overlooked when restaurant and commercial kitchen owners are considering the safety levels and overall health of their kitchen. Because the inside of the hood isn’t something people see everyday, cleaning it tends to be ignored. This is why our mission at BARE METAL STANDARD is to fully clean your hood system so you don’t have to worry. Our trained and experienced technicians can pressure wash and make any vent – guaranteed.

We Have The History to Back It Up.

Our Hood Cleaning Services aren’t techniques that we’ve developed overnight – BARE METAL STANDARD of East Texas is proud to be a part of the BARE METAL STANDARD franchise network. Our cleaning processes and business is based on a 50-year history of refining and perfecting Hood and Exhaust Cleaning processes.

Surpass All Industry Safety Standards.

Each service within our BARE METAL STANDARD repertoire ensures a 95% bare-metal clean for your entire system. This greatly surpasses NFPA standards, and we personally guarantee that your kitchen will be fire-safe after our complete cleaning. With the BARE METAL STANDARD process, there are NO inaccessible areas within your ductwork, hood system and exhaust system. That said, when you get an inspection by any Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), your kitchen will pass with flying colors.