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East Texas Hotel Cleaning Services

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We Can Clean Your Kitchen Exhaust & Laundry Ducts.

Hotels and hotel restaurants trust us with our kitchen exhaust cleaning services. What’s more, BARE METAL STANDARD of East Texas can clean your laundry ducts and make your entire facility safe! We take a holistic approach when it comes to hotel kitchens and duct cleaning services – because of all of the laundry and food cooked in your facility, we know that businesses in the hospitality industry have to be wary of fire hazards.

Trust Us For The Following Services:

  1. Kitchen exhaust cleaning services… To the BARE METAL STANDARD!
  2. Hood cleaning services
  3. Commercial kitchen duct cleaning
  4. Laundry duct cleaning

Questions? Want a FREE inspection and quote? Give us a call. BARE METAL STANDARD of East Texas is here to keep your hotel safe from fires!

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