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About Us

When you’re a fifth generation Texan you care about family, neighbors and your community.  And when you start a new business you look for the most ethical, truly valuable service you can find.  This is how we came to be BARE METAL STANDARD of East Texas; no comparable company is good enough for our friends and family.  BARE METAL STANDARD is the only kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning service that guarantees you complete bare metal clean — no exceptions.  Bare Metal Standard will never hang an inaccessible tag on any part of your system and we know that’s critical for fire safety.  Our business is family and that means everything to us when it comes to serving customers.

Our owners, Charlie and Jared, are proud brothers-in-law leading our team in day-to-day operations. When you call, you’ll most likely speak with one of them. Charlie’s family has been well-known in East Texas for generations, and his father led a congregation for many years. Our connectedness and history drives our passion to ensure you the best possible service. Ask Charlie if he sees himself as a sales person and he’ll probably tell you, “I’m not really the best sales guy but if I don’t have to lie to sell you, I can probably sell you.” Honest and proudly hardworking, BARE METAL STANDARD of East Texas promises to keep your commercial kitchen safe and to exceed your expectations with BARE METAL STANDARD clean.